March 19, 2009


Biorigin to introduce new feed additives at AveSui
Press Release

Biorigin, a company specialising in the development of innovative solutions based on yeast and its derivatives, will present its latest products of its animal nutrition portfolio at the trade fair AveSui in Brazil, April 27-29.


Biorigin will introduce Biotide and Betamune in the exhibition. Biotide is rich in nucleotides, has high protein content and excellent amino acid balance, with positive effects on weight gain and feed conversion ratio.


Betamune is yeast rich in beta-glucans, which contributes to minimise challenges during animal development, allowing a reduction in the use of drugs and a decrease in the incidence of some diseases.


The visitors of AveSui will also get to know more on the results of the experimental trials carried out with poultry and swine on the dietary inclusion of ActiveMOS, containing mannan oligosaccharides (MOS), which improve animal performance and intestinal health.


Biorigin will also present Selemax, a yeast product rich in organic selenium that improves eggshell quality, among other effects, and HiCell, high digestibility and palatability protein source, during the exhibition.

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