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ProPhorce™ SR from Sweden-based Perstorp is the brand that pioneered the tributyrin market that the industry knows today, and has proven its superior efficiency in supporting gut integrity. In an interview with eFeedLink, Dr. Jim Ren, Vice President Animal Nutrition – APAC for Perstorp, underscores that "here is no strong animal performance without good gut health", and shares more about the company's trilogy of solutions in gut health, feed, and water hygiene for APAC.

eFeedLink: What updates does Perstorp have to share on its recent developments in gut health, feed and water hygiene?

Ren: I believe that optimal animal husbandry requires all three facets to function strongly. There is no strong animal performance without good gut health. Gut health and even health in general can be challenged if pathogens and other challenges make their way to our animals through feed and water.

Beyond improving feed conversion and animal performance, a lot of resources can be saved by preventing pathogenic challenges. The efforts needed to set up smart ways of working to prevent pathogenic challenges easily offset the risks of reduced performance, welfare and even potential recalls.

We are offering this trilogy of solutions to our customers in selected countries in APAC according to the local needs of animal production. Some of the key countries for Perstorp APAC are China, India, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia.

Our innovations team counts over 100 people and includes dedicated teams working on the next generations of offerings that can improve these focus areas of gut health, feed hygiene and clean water solutions. Upcoming product launches will be more value- and solution-driven than ever before.

In 2020, Perstorp partnered with Evonik on the sales expansion of ProPhorce™ SR 130 in the Indian subcontinent. Please tell us more about this development.

The future for ProPhorce™ SR is bright and we are convinced that Evonik is an extremely capable partner that can help us to spread the word and distribute ProPhorce™ SR across the entire Indian subcontinent. They will be supported by our newly appointed regional sales head Dr. Satyajit Jagtap.

Even at the height of COVID-19 disruptions, our new team for the Indian subcontinent did not stop supporting existing customers and showing potential new ones the benefits of ProPhorce™ SR and our other solutions for their bottom line – which arguably is more important than ever in a COVID-challenged world. In fact, ProPhorce™ SR sales was almost doubled in 2020 in APAC in total, despite the difficult situation.

And beyond improving feed conversion and animal performance, a lot of resources can be saved by preventing pathogenic challenges. The efforts needed to set up smart ways of working to prevent pathogenic challenges easily offset the risks of reduced performance, welfare and even potential recalls.

African swine fever (ASF) and COVID-19 have had an enormous impact on agribusiness in APAC. How did they impact your business?

As for everyone COVID has changed the way we do business. Events were cancelled so we have seen far less of our customers in person. We have found that webinars are a great way to educate and initiate very constructive dialogues with our contacts. You can find our webinars on which are available on demand.

ASF has caused a significant reduction in swine production. In addition COVID-19 has reduced the meat consumption in developing countries due to the pressure it has put on incomes. At the same time, global logistics is disturbed among world regions. Perstorp took early actions with our partners to build our inventory in APAC and also successfully entered into several new markets, which has supported our strong growth in 2020.

On July 1, 2020, China's ban on antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs) took effect. What is your view on the antibiotic reduction landscape across APAC, including China?

Several countries in APAC such as Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia have implemented policies to ban or reduce AGPs in recent years. The ban by China, the biggest feed production country, has a tremendous effect on feed technology and animal production. I am sure more and more countries will join the list of countries reducing antibiotic use.

We can clearly tell that feed producers in China are taking this change very seriously. The sales of ProPhorce™ SR in China have more than doubled in 2020 with a strong demand from customers to use to support the reduction of AGPs. We expect impressive further growth for solutions that can improve performance and help to safeguard animal health in the following years. Effective solutions such as ProPhorce™ SR will become as engrained in feed formulations as AGPs once were. 

Perstorp's home country of Sweden banned AGPs in 1986. It was the first country in the world to do so. The European Union banned the use of AGPs in feed in 2006. The Perstorp team has accumulated a lot of experience on how we can support antibiotic reduction with our solutions for swine and poultry. We therefore have a major advantage of transferring this knowledge to APAC. Through a lot of field trials we have learned how to fine tune our solutions for gut health, feed and water hygiene to meet the daily challenges of our customers in the area of antibiotic reduction.

What are your plans for the APAC region in the short to medium term?

Our innovation teams are creating a new generation of solutions that can equip our customers to face the challenges they may face as we approach 2030. Next-generation solutions for feed preservation and gut health that can support antibiotic reduction, food safety and more – in an increasingly sustainable way. Some of these innovative new products will be introduced in the next few years.

Our unique solutions will cover the three segments of a healthy gut, hygienic feed and clean water in order to create a "total value" for our customers. At the same time, we are expanding our production capacity in Europe currently and will establish satellite production units in Asia in the near future to support our strong business growth.
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