March 18, 2015


Nutriad names distributors in Thailand and Philippines

At the 2015 edition of VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand, Nutriad formally announced new distribution partnerships in the country as well as the Philippines.


Nutriad named as its exclusive distributors the publicly listed Brenntag in Thailand and Enovet in the Philippines.


"Asia-Pacific is an important region for our company.  Our products address the performance and health challenges of the livestock and aqua industry", said Erik Visser, Nutriad's CEO. "In the coming years, we aim to double our presence in this dynamic market and are therefore pleased to partner with recognised companies that share our ambitions".


Visser expressed hope that the partnerships would establish more firmly Nutriad's presence in the key feed markets of the two Southeast Asian countries.


"Brenntag is a global distribution company that wants to be associated with professional and reliable partners that share our passion for the agricultural industry", said Nannapas Moonsap, the head of Brenntag's animal nutrition sales. "Our team is excited about the opportunities for the Nutriad portfolio in Thailand".


"The partnership is very timely as the market has already recognised the need to move from AGPs on which Nutriad products will be a perfect fit", said BK Chew of Enovet, a company led by Mario Antonio D. Esteves. "Enovet will be the sole importer and distributor of major Nutriad product lines such as Digestive Performance, Mycotoxin Management, Palatability and Aqua specialties."


"Enovet will be an important part of Nutriad's growing network in the Philippines, which includes Diconex (Palafeed), Uniscope (Oxy-Nil® and Mold-Nil®) and Xarion Industries (Toxy-Nil® Plus Liquid, Revital® Plus Liquid and Bacti-Nil® FX Liquid)", Chew added.

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