March 18, 2004



Earnings of Poultry Feed Millers in China's Jilin Province Fell By RMB200 Million Due to Bird Flu Outbreak
An eFeedLink Exclusive Report

The outbreak of the highly contagious bird flu in Zhenlai county of Jilin province, China, has caused severe losses to the poultry industry and dealt a heavy blow to the feed industry in Jilin. From February till date, feed millers in Jilin province have suffered an estimated loss in earnings of RMB200 million. The losses incurred by Jilin's feed millers is expected to reach RMB800 million for the entire year of 2004.


According to Mr Liu Sihou, deputy secretary general of the provincial feed industry association, feed millers in Jilin province produce more than 800,000 tons of poultry feed worth RMB2.4 billion every year, which accounts for around 30% of the total feed output in Jilin. Since the bird flu outbreak, poultry feed production and sale in Jilin province have dropped considerably. There are 12 poultry feed millers in Jilin, with annual output above 30,000 tons, reportedly operating at a loss currently due to the bird flu outbreak.


The Jilin provincial feed industry association has asked the China Feed Industry Association to appeal to the related authorities to render necessary support to feed millers, by way of low interest loans or exemption of value-added tax.