March 17, 2023


Taiwan confirms bird flu outbreak at Pintung County



13,328 birds at a poultry farm in Pingtung County, Taiwan were culled after it was confirmed that the birds were infected with H5N1 avian influenza, Taiwan News reported.


Authorities also began a systematic inspection of 40 other poultry farms within 3 km of the affected farm.


The farmer had reported abnormal deaths of hens to local authorities on March 13, leading to the testing and confirmation of bird flu. The Animal Disease Control Centre of Pingtung County culled the birds on March 16.


Lee Yung-wen, chief of the Animal Disease Control Centre, warned that the area has a high concentration of poultry farms and is at high risk for avian influenza, especially given the highly contagious nature of the H5N1 strain.


More farms in the area may test positive for bird flu, and farmers were advised to maintain clean and good ventilated facilities, while closely monitoring their flocks.


-      Taiwan News

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