March 16, 2020


Jamesway resorts to virtual meetings with customers amid coronavirus threat


Poultry hatchery equipment maker Jamesway said Saturday, March 14, that it will consider virtual meeting options with customers to maintain its commitment to supporting their organisations and operations amid the spread of COVID-19 worldwide.


"Where necessary and appropriate, we will leverage virtual meeting technology to continue collaborating with our customers and ensure that your business needs are met", Denis Kan, president of Jamesway Incubator Co. Inc., said in a letter to their customers.


The company also requested that most external visits of customers and suppliers at its sites be postponed or redirected toward virtual meeting options, in light of the authorities' advice to limit travel and help reduce the risk of exposure to and intensification of COVID-19. 


"Jamesway will continue to support your operating & service requirements, while respecting your specific company and country restrictions", the letter further stated.


Jamesway said its service teams and specialists are capable of supporting customer requirements remotely. "Our technical support line is available 24-hours 7-days a week at +1-226-765-0210.  Our Hatchery Specialists and Service Staff are prepared to assist you at any time day or night".


Jamesway added that its "relevant preparedness plans" would be revised accordingly as the COVID-19 situation evolves.