March 15, 2017

Evonik to launch Ecobiol probiotic at VIV Asia 2017



Evonik will be expanding its portfolio in Asia with the probiotic Ecobiol®.

The product will be launched at VIV Asia in Bangkok. Ecobiol® is designed for the use in poultry production and aquaculture. The product was acquired by Evonik from the Spanish company NOREL S.A. in 2016.

Ecobiol® helps to maintain the natural gut balance and has a positive effect on the gut microbiome that has been scientifically proven (in-vitro- and in in-vivo).

"Ecobiol® is new in our portfolio. We are convinced of the product's high potential and its applicability in various fields by virtue of unique properties," says Emmanuel Auer, head of the Animal Nutrition business line at Evonik. "We consider Ecobiol® a key element towards the reduction of antibiotic growth promoters. This way, we contribute to healthy and sustainable animal nutrition."

A healthy gut prevents from inflammatory diseases which can cause high costs in livestock management. In poultry production, enteric disorders caused by pathogenic bacteria such as Clostridium perfringens, lead to a financial loss of several billion US dollar annually.

"The product Ecobiol® shows very positive results in both poultry and aquaculture, for instance under various stress conditions. That has been demonstrated in scientific studies as well as in commercial use. For our customers in South East Asia this is of focal interest, particularly in shrimp farming," Peter Freisler, head of Gut Health Solutions, comments.

Evonik intends to assume a leading role in the field of sustainable and antibiotic-free livestock management. In addition to the products Fecinor® and Ecobiol® from NOREL S.A., Evonik has recently enlarged its product line with GutCare® PY1, the first own developed probiotic. In January 2017, GutCare® PY1 was introduced in the US market with other countries to follow.

Evonik's Animal Nutrition business line has over sixty years of experience in the manufacture of essential amino acids and provides solutions for efficient and sustainable animal nutrition to customers in over one hundred countries. Evonik wants to make an even greater contribution to the efficiency and sustainability of animal feed by complementing its portfolio with innovative feed additives beyond amino acids in order to create additional value for its customers, the company states.

Evonik's products and services in the area of animal nutrition play a key role worldwide in the production of healthy and affordable food, while preserving natural resources and reducing the ecological footprint.

- Evonik

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