March 14, 2016


Dow AgroSciences introduces Elevore herbicide




Dow AgroSciences has introduced Elevore, a new herbicide that will help bolster weed control, especially in burndown situations.


The herbicide is expected to be used for burndown applications on corn and soybean crops, responding against broadleaf weeds and ALS-resistant species of weeds.


The benefit of burndown is that growers can better ensure a successful and profitable growing season.


Arylex active, which is classified as a Group 4 growth regulator herbicide, will be included in Elevore.


So far, trials of the herbicide have shown positive results including the control of hih-anxiety weeds, such as the glyphosate-resistant weed, Marestail.


Upon gaining regulatory approval, Elevore will be an effective alternative for reduced-till and no-till production systems, while also improving control of specific weed species.

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