March 14, 2016


Ukraine's grain exports at 27.732 tonnes since start of 2015/16 season



Ukraine - as of March 11 - had exported 27.732 million tonnes of grains since the start of its 2015/16 season, according to the country's Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry.


The volumes consisted of 12.06 million tonnes of wheat, 11.54 million tonnes of corn and 3.97 million tonnes of barley and 319,000 tonnes of other crops.


Grain prices on March 11 varied depending on regions. For third-class wheat, it is UAH3,250 - UAH4,000 (US$127.45 - US$157) per tonne; six-class fodder wheat at UAH3,100 - UAH3,600 (US$121.60 - US$141.18) per tonne; and fodder wheat at UAH3,250 - UAH4,290 (US$127.45 - US$168.24) per tonne.

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