March 11, 2015


Lallemand launches bacterial solutions for aquaculture ecosystems



At VIV Asia 2015, Lallemand Animal Nutrition launched LALSEA BIOREM, a new range of aquaculture bioremediation solutions.


Bioremediation consists of using specifically selected bacteria to exert a positive control of pond microbial ecosystems. It allows farmers to enhance the mineralisation of organic wastes, detoxify waste compounds, control water pH, and, control the development of pathogenic microorganisms.


LALSEA BIOREM is a range of synergistic combinations of specifically selected naturally occurring microorganism strains that help maintain water quality during crop cycles, naturally degrade organic wastes, and help control phytoplankton blooms.


The product range consists of 100% biodegradable, drug-free solutions to optimise shrimp and fish production, sustainably.


Stéphane Ralite, Lallemand's aquaculture product manager explained, "LALSEA BIOREM is based on the combination of complementary microorganisms carefully selected for their activity, properties and synergies. 


Aquaculture bioremediation is complex because the conditions from one pond to another can be very diverse (in terms of salinity, pH, minerals, organic load, microorganism population, etc.).


LALSEA BIOREM has been formulated to respond to a wide range of conditions. It has proven to get the best results in farm as well as laboratory testing.


The main target is prevention: to prevent the development of anaerobic condition, to help maintain a good equilibrium of the algal bloom, to help maintain a low load of pathogenic bacteria, etc.


We have also paid special attention to developing a user-friendly formulation: thanks to our development platform, LALSEA BIOREM can be directly used in pond water without any pre-fermentation phase."


M. Castex, Ph. D, R&D director at Lallemand, added, "For the development and application of our bioremediation range we have the chance to rely on a very unique tool: one if not the largest collection of microorganisms of marine origin - over 10,000 strains collected over the world - and a cutting-edge screening platform, notably based on our SeaRCH patent, at Lallemand Aquapharm. It allows us to screen, select and study a huge number of candidates based on several biological properties: their ability to survive, grow and be efficient in a panel of pond environments (various pH, oxygen level and salinity), as well as beneficial features, such as specific enzymatic activities and the potential to digest organic compounds (wastes), ammonia, nitrite or the ability to help control water pH or the growth of certain pathogens.


The link between the Aquapharm platform, aquaculture research laboratories and farms allows us to support our science lead, field supported approach and makes our propositions based on technical facts".

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