March 11, 2015


Jubilant Life Sciences to participate in VIV Asia 2015




Jubilant Life Sciences, the world's second largest manufacturer of Niacin and Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), will be participating in VIV Asia 2015.


At the event, Jubilant will showcase its current and new products to industry players in animal nutrition.


"With our vertically integrated design, green manufacturing process, global sales and worldwide distribution network, we offer our business partners the advantage of large scale production and unmatched advantage of consistent quality and product availability", said Pramod Yadav, the CEO of Advance Intermediates and Nutritional Products (Jubilant).


"At VIV Asia, we will be showcasing our complete range of products in animal nutrition, (and) visitors can understand from our technical team the additions and technical advancements made in our product portfolio."


Jubilant's Niacinamide & Niacin (Vitamin B3) has multiple applications in animal and human nutrition, pharmaceuticals, technical applications and agrochemicals.


The company's animal nutrition products are widely used in poultry, dairy, pet food and veterinary drugs. The manufacturing facilities of Jubilant meet global standards and are certified for major regulatory certifications such as KOSHER, Halal, FAMI-QS and cGMP regulations.


Jubilant Life Sciences is also India's largest manufacturer of choline chloride. Choline is an essential nutrient that plays many important metabolic roles in livestock. Jubilant markets several variants of choline chloride, all of which fulfill international quality standards.


In feed specialties, Jubilant offers a range of performance enhancement and disease prevention products for integrators, feed millers, and commercial farmers.


Recently, Jubilant partnered with BioResource International, Inc. (BRI), a global biotechnology company specialising in the manufacturing of high-performance enzyme solutions for animal nutrition, for marketing and distribution of feed enzymes, Xylamax and XylaQuick, in South Asia.


Jubilant's products, which will be showcased at this year's VIV, include vitamin B3 and choline chloride products, Jubicid feed acidifier for mould & bacteria inhibition, EnCroMix organic tri-chromium preparation for energy utilisation, Hi-Pro-Min-Organic Mineral premix for poultry, JubiDOL feed emulsifier, and ToxiCOP broad spectrum mould and mycotoxin binder.

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