March 10, 2016


Brazilian ports to export soybeans instead of corn in March: CGC


Brazil's main ports could change to exporting soybeans instead of corn at the start of March, as the soy harvest began to gain pace in the country, according to trading house, CGC.


This could provide an advantage for US corn exports as customers would have to consider other countries as alternate sources.


Currently, Brazil's harvest of about 100 million tonnes of soy crops has exceeded 30% while the movement of soybeans to ports escalates.


According to the Trade Ministry, February's corn exports is the third highest month on record, at 5.4 million tonnes. The biggest was seen in December last year, with 6.3 million tonnes being exported.


In 2015, CGG delivered 1.7 million tonnes of corn, a bigger volume compared to 1.3 million in 2014. The organisation exported 1.8 million tonnes of soy which towered over 2014's volume of 1.4 million tonnes. 

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