March 10, 2015


EW Nutrition deals with secondary plant compounds at VIV Asia 2015

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At VIV Asia 2015, EW Nutrition expands the Science and Innovation Series with technical presentations exploring natural secondary plant compounds (SPC) and their functions, as well as scientific explanation of micro-encapsulation and "Thermostability of SPCs".


Also covered in these sessions are SPCs in a natural liquid suspension involving the company's Activo® Liquid; and new scientific data that reveals, for the first time in Asia, the use of SPCs on antibiotic resistance strains of bacteria.


EW Nutrition GmbH also introduces a line extension to its Activo® product range, the newly formulated aquaculture-specific, Activo® Aqua.


Manufactured by EW Nutrition (Brazil), the natural secondary plant compounds in Activo® Aqua are known to have scientifically-proven active compounds that inhibit Vibro strains.


In another development at VIV Asia, EW Nutrition (Thailand) Ltd. announces a special collaboration with M/S Pharmatech F.C. Company Ltd and a major university in Thailand. This collaboration will support local farms with a new approach to test raw materials for a rapid in-situ assessment of existing mycotoxin contents.


Since last year's edition of VIV Asia, EW Nutrition GmbH and affiliate companies with regional subsidiaries in Thailand, Singapore, Australia, Japan, China and India have witnessed an expanding international presence.


Jan Wesjohann, the managing director of EW Nutrition GmbH and board member of EW Group, has overseen the developments through localised empowerment and management.


"The growth of EW Nutrition GmbH product sales, people and business is impressive", said Robert Nichol, the general manager of EW Nutrition South East Asia / Pacific Pte. Ltd. "The regional teams are established and continue our evolvement locally. Product focused by country and species, the feed additive, animal health supplements and human applications of Ovalgen® are all expanding".


"Although the product portfolio is extensive locally, we maintain a priority on main feed additives as the primary growth areas", Nichol added. "Activo® and Globigen® (IgY) remain as the flagship technologies on display during VIV Asia 2015".

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