March 7, 2017


Vencomatic to showcase 'proven' solutions at VIV Asia


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From the very first moment an egg is laid until it reaches its final destination, an egg travels a long journey.


On this journey it faces numerous impacts and possible contamination sources. Vencomatic Group focuses on perfecting every detail of this journey, calling it the "Egg way". Their poultry and technical specialists evaluate and optimise every little step to protect the eggs from damage or contamination. Vencomatic Group strongly believes that optimising the Egg way is the only way to maximise profit for poultry producers with today's tight margins.


At VIV Asia Vencomatic Group demonstrates a combination of their proven solutions that contribute to the Egg way, especially focussing on hatchery solutions for perfect egg handling and setting. Gentle egg handling, unique point down setting and accurate grading are important for optimum hatching results. Throughout the whole process the eggs are treated with great care.


On their booth you will come across the following products:


Grando Nest

The journey of an egg starts in a Vencomatic nest. The laying nest is at the heart of many Vencomatic systems and is based on Vencomatic innovations, such as the Vencomat, the tipping floor and the egg belt. Innovations that make the difference along the Egg way ensuring outstanding egg quality.




Eggs are gently transported from different nest rows or houses to a central on-farm location with the Vencobelt. Its smart and compact design makes the Vencobelt flexible in its application, allowing a 90-degree corner on a single square metre.



The Ovograder is an accurate and user friendly inline grading machine for both hatching and table eggs. Egg grading results in more uniformity among hatching eggs and thus the value per egg. Through its compact design it easily fits between the egg collection belt and a packer.



Ovoset Pro

This is Vencomatic's packer for breeder farm and hatchery intake operations. It offers the perfect solution for accurate and gentle setting of hatching eggs directly onto setter trays with a capacity of 30,000 eggs per hour (setter tray type depending).


The company offers an integral packaging solution for optimum protection and transportation of eggs from farm to the grading or packing station or processing industry. Ovologic uses plastic 30-cell trays in combination with specifically designed dividers and pallets. It is a sustainable and economical solution ensuring fast, safe and efficient handling and transportation of eggs.


Bolegg Gallery

The Bolegg Gallery is Vencomatic's aviary system for commercial layers that combines user friendliness with a clever and economic design. While birds can follow their natural behaviour resulting in optimal laying performance, it allows you to collect eggs in an efficient way, preserving the quality after lay.


Clima+ unit

The Clima+ unit allows farms to fully control the climate in their poultry house in all weather conditions with an optimal energy use. Vencomatic says its extensive experience in this field makes the difference here.


Vencomatic Group is known for its innovative and sustainable systems for the poultry industry. Combining three well-known brands - Vencomatic, Agro Supply and Prinzen - Vencomatic Group offers a full range of innovative systems for all types of poultry farms. Their poultry professionals would happily share their knowledge and welcome you at booth H099 2550.

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