March 8, 2017


Myanmar bids to become major shrimp exporter


Watch out for Myanmar. It is setting out to become a regional top shrimp producer to rival Thailand and Vietnam, hiring the technical assistance of American experts.


Kyaw Tun Myint, president of the Myanmar Shrimp Association said, "We are about to start sustainable shrimp farming with the help of a firm from the United States," according to a report in The Nation newspaper.


He said Myanmar entrepreneurs in the industry were keen on farming white shrimp with the latest technology from Hawaii-based Marine Genetics LLC.


"We will start farming white shrimp this year. If we are successful, it will not only support our food security but also may reduce the trade deficit up to 25 percent, thanks to potential surge in shrimp export," he was quoted as saying.


Marine Genetics' president, Jim Wyban, recently visited Myanmar to set up a shrimp hatchery firm named Best Burma PL, with the help of project manager Kelly Morgan. 


Wyban said Myanmar could export 100,000 tonnes of shrimp worth US$1 billion yearly over the next five years.


Best Burma PL's modern farming is expected to start this year.

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