March 8, 2017


Adisseo's new enzyme now registered in the EU for all poultry species




With the approval of Rovabio® Advance for laying hens, the feedase is now authorised in the EU for all poultry species.


The approval was published in the official journal of the EU on February 7, 2017.


Adisseo says it has revolutionised overall feed digestibility with its new enzyme solution, the only 'feedase'. It improves the digestibility of all nutrients, including amino acids, phosphorus and calcium, regardless of the type of diet.


The efficiency of Rovabio Advance is explained by the unique presence of arabinofuranosidases, important debranching enzymes that work synergistically with xylanases to efficiently break down complex fibre structures in plant cell walls.


Robust testing across a variety of diets has already demonstrated that Rovabio Advance provides an improvement of 3% in the overall digestibility in broilers, leading to a consistent improvement of apparent metabolisable energy (AME), digestible amino acids (dAA) and P and Ca availability.


For layers, a recent trial performed in metabolic cages on 477 laying hens confirmed the positive effect of the enzyme on energy utilisation. Rovabio Advance (P = 0.003) improved the AME between 23 and 27 weeks of age by 2.7%.


Four recent trials run in France, Mexico and the Philippines confirmed the positive effect of the enzyme on laying hens fed with reformulated diets: feed conversion rate, hens' body weight and egg qualities (shell and albumen).


In a trial conducted in Central Luzon State University, The Philippines, laying hens were fed with a corn-soymeal-rice bran diet with adequate nutrient density or -65 kcal/kg ME and -2.5% digestible amino acids, but added with Rovabio Advance. The results demonstrate that Rovabio Advance is able to compensate for the nutrient reduction, and sustains a comparable performance compared with birds fed with the nutritionally adequate diet.


Table 1. The effect of Rovabio Advance on laying performance (CLSU trial)


Egg Production (%)

Daily Feed intake (g)


Egg Weight (g)

Egg Mass (g)

Basal diet 






Basal diet -65 kcal -2.5% DAA + Rovabio Advance







Rovabio Advance is now authorised in most parts of the world and is available in different forms (powder at 50 g/tonne of feed or liquid at 200 mL/tonne) to fit various feed mill applications. "With this new registration, Rovabio Advance confirms its leading position as the only feedase for unmatched profitability in feed and poultry production," says Hélène Lionet-LLorca, Adisseo Enzyme Business Director. "With a potential to replace 3% of the AME and dAA, Adisseo offers the possibility of decreasing feed costs by up to 12 euros per tonne of feed treated with Rovabio Advance. In a feed mill producing 100,000 tonnes of poultry feed per year, Rovabio Advance can generate an extra margin of at least 300,000 euros per year compared to former generations of NSP enzymes."

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