March 7, 2024

China Hog: Prices rebound from recent week's tumble (week ended Mar 4, 2024)

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Hog releases expanded from post-Chinese New Year lows, but remained limited. As slaughterhouses built inventories, hog prices rebounded from the recent week's 10% tumble.


Compared with a week ago, pork slaughter volume increased 5.5% to 7,776 tonnes while pork carcass prices dipped 4.5% to RMB20.45/kg.


On average, hog prices increased 1.4% to RMB14.04/kg, from RMB13.84/kg over the past week. Compared with a year ago, prices were lower by 12%.


With pork demand staying soft, the upward scope of hog market will be limited as slaughterhouses tread prudently.


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