March 7, 2017


ADDCON's diformate product to get new boost at VIV Asia



ADDCON will launch FORMI Alpha, a combination of the company's patented diformate concept in FORMI NDF with natural plant alkaloids, at the upcoming VIV Asia in Bangkok, Thailand.


The new product will be able to control both Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria, with added benefits to performance and digestibility. The upcoming launch comes after successful testing in Europe and in Asia.


"FORMI has become the leading product in the ever-growing field of feed acidifiers. Its unique molecular structure differentiates this product range (FORMI, FORMI NDF and AQUAFORM) from all the other products in this category," says Dr. Christian Lückstädt, Technical Director FEED. "Due to the double salt structure, we manage to get 85% of the active ingredient right into the small intestine. This is where the acid controls harmful bacteria and enhances eubiosis."


The company's patented diformate product line has already shown excellent results in controlling harmful Gram-negative bacteria. Together with experts from the industry and academia, they have managed to identify new molecules which will help to control both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria, "which enables us to supply a sustainable, non-antibiotic "broad-band antimicrobial" to the industry", says Dr. Lückstädt.


"With the new product FORMI Alpha, which combines sodium diformate and alkaloids, ADDCON further strengthens its offering to the industry. We are continuing the process of launching more FORMI products. The new ingredients show huge potential. We are working on developing the new ingredients into more stable and user-friendly forms," adds Dr. Lückstädt.

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