March 7, 2017


Norwegian seafood export volume falls, value rises in Feb.



Norwegian seafood exports in February decreased 19% to 196,000 tonnes, but export value rose 6% to NOK7.5 billion (US$883.175 million), the Norwegian Seafood Council reported.


During the first two months Norway exported 374,000 tonnes of seafood worth NOK15.1 billion ($1.778 billion), or a decline of 59,000 tonnes and a growth NOK1.3 billion ($153.09 million) in value.


"Salmon prices fell slightly in February, but the average price of NOK 64.11 per kg was still NOK9 higher than February last year. A little later cod seepage caused the volumes to be reduced in February as well, although here, too, prices were higher than in the same month last year. The export value of Norwegian clipfish increased in February", explained Norwegian Seafood Council communications director Geir Håvard Hanssen.


Norway exported 72,800 tonnes of salmon worth NOK4.9 billion ($576.9 million) in February.


Hanssen said the total volume of salmon exports in February were the same as in February last year, adding that exports to the EU fell by 3,900 tonnes, while the total decline was 800 tonnes. Salmon exports to the US accounted for increased exports to non-EU countries, he said.


The value of Norwegian salmon exports increased by NOK692 million, or 16%, compared with February last year. In the first two months, Norway exported 142,000 tonnes of salmon with a value of NOK10 billion ($1.177 billion).


Export values fall for other seafoods


Norwegian trout exports in February totalled 2,500 tonnes with a value of NOK187 million ($22.013 million). Overall volumes fell to 3,700 tonnes, while there was a reduction of 36%, or NOK104 million, in export value. In January-February Norway exported 5,100 tonnes of trout with a value of NOK387 million ($45.557 million). Thailand, Belarus and Japan, were the biggest markets for trout in February.


Exported herring in February totalled 30,500 tonnes with a value of NOK340 million ($40.05 million), or an increase in volume of 2,000 tonnes and a decrease in export value by NOK10 million, or 3%, from February 2016. Germany and Belarus were the main markets for herring in February.


Mackerel exports hit 26,000 tonnes with a value of NOK295 million ($34.75 million). Export volumes fell by 5,400 tonnes, while export value fell by NOK 40 million, or 12%. China and Ghana were the biggest importers of mackerel in February.


Exported king crab in February totalled 159 tonnes with a value of NOK40 million ($4.7 million), or a decrease of 104 tonnes and a decrease in value of NOK20 million, or 34%.


Prawn registered a decline of 24 tonnes to 544 tonnes, while the value of prawn exports fell NOK9 million ($1.06 million) to a total export value of NOK42 million ($4.95 million) in February.

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