March 6, 2023


Favourable projections for Brazil's agriculture exports for next decade




Projections for Brazilian agricultural exports for the next 10 years remain favorable, according to highlights revealed during the annual US Agricultural Outlook Forum.


Highlights from an agricultural outlook report for 2032 that were presented include projections for corn, soybeans and meat (beef, pork and chicken).


Brazil's foreign sales of corn are expected to increase from 47 million tonnes (2022/23) to 69.1 million tonnes in 2032/33. The country would then supply 30.7% of world exports (currently at 25.7%) and should match the United States in the same year.


Brazil's share in global soy exports should increase from 53% to 60.6%, while the US will see a decrease in its share from 33% to 28%, between 2022/23 and 2032/33.


In the meat industry, Brazil will maintain its leading position in beef and chicken globally, with an improvement in the position of foreign sales of pork, becoming the third-largest world exporter, behind the European Union and the US.



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