March 5, 2021


Embrapa research: Brazil grains and oilseeds production feeds 10% of global population


A study from Brazilian state-run agricultural research agency Embrapa found that Brazil's grains and oilseeds production feeds 10% of the 7.76 billion population in the world, Reuters reported.


The findings emphasise Brazil as biggest exporter of soybeans, beef, and chicken that it sells to top buyers China, the European Union and others.


According to Embrapa, their researchers used two methodologies. One used international prices of Brazil's grains output from the International Monetary Fund, which found that Brazil fed 772.6 million people last year. In the other, the research used the country's physical production of grains that deducted food imports to find Brazil fed about 637 million people worldwide in 2020.


Using the latter methodology, Brazil accounted for 8% of global grain production last year. This was higher than the 6% last recorded in 2011.


- Reuters