March 5, 2015


Big Dutchman to showcase new PRRS air filter at VIV Asia



Big Dutchman will have the largest booth ever in Asia at VIV Asia 2015, where it will present new products for pig production.


One innovation on display is the APT 1500 filter which effectively supports pig producers in their fight against the Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS), a highly contagious disease causing enormous economic losses. The new filter is the first system for decentralised fresh air distribution, and can be retrofitted in existing houses.


The filter is used with a positive pressure ventilation system and is designed specifically for wall inlets with an air capacity of 1,500 m3/h. The filtered fresh air enters the house by means of an integrated, energy-saving fan. The risk of PRRS infection is thus significantly reduced.


Another solution for modern pig management on display is the computer-controlled dry feeding system DryExactpro that allows supplying each feed valve with an individual feed recipe. It can be completely integrated into the BigFarmNet control software which will also be on display.


Other equipment to enhance pig productivity will include the PigNic automatic dry feeder and the RainMaker cooling system to provide ideal climate conditions.

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