March 4, 2024


Alltech partners with Thai Wah Public Co. to advance carbon reduction efforts in Asian agri-food industry




Alltech and Thai Wah Public Co. (TWPC) have partnered to advance carbon reduction efforts in the Asian agri-food industry by leveraging scientific nutritional solutions and technologies.


A memorandum of understanding was signed on February 15 by Dr. Mark Lyons, president and chief executive officer of Alltech; Jonathan Forrest Wilson, president of Alltech Asia-Pacific; Ho Ren Hua, CEO of Thai Wah; and Hataikan Kamolsirisakul, chief of staff and AVP for strategy, sustainability and innovation at Thai Wah.


Carbon emissions from the agri-food industry remain significant across Asia, accounting for approximately 42% of all agri-food emissions globally, according to the third edition of the biennial Asia Food Challenge Report, which centers on opportunities to decarbonise the agri-food value chain in Asia.


At least two-thirds of emissions in the Asian agri-food value chain occur before the produce has even left the farm, the report said. These upstream agricultural activities are resource intensive and less efficient than many industrial processes further down the value chain, resulting in higher emissions.


Recognising the critical importance of this issue, Alltech and Thai Wah are collaborating to boost sustainable animal feed production, enhance animal feed nutrition for optimal health and performance, and promote efficient waste utilisation through a biogas project.


Additionally, the companies will work together to reduce Thai Wah's carbon footprint and advance its overall sustainability practices.


Through the partnership, Alltech will provide Thai Wah with innovative solutions and technologies in precision nutrition, digital farming transformation and waste management, as well as carbon footprint assessment and reduction roadmapping.


Thai Wah is renowned for its leadership in starch and starch-related food production, offering premium products to consumers through 16 operations across Southeast Asia, China and India, with a global customer base. The company collaborates with over 50,000 smallholder farmers across Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia and is dedicated to supporting these farmers through three key areas: reducing upstream emissions and food loss and waste, promoting biofertilisers, valorising food loss and waste, and developing bioplastic mulch film and sustainable farming practices. These initiatives are designed to reduce input costs while enhancing Thai Wah's profitability through additional revenue streams from its byproducts.


Alltech, a global leader in agriculture, is committed to delivering smarter, more sustainable solutions that enhance the health and performance of plants and animals, resulting in better nutrition for all and a decreased environmental impact.


Alltech believes that agriculture has the greatest potential to positively influence the future of the planet. Through its mission of Working Together for a Planet of Plenty™, the company is uniting the agri-food industry to take collective action to provide nutrition for all, revitalise local economies and replenish the planet's natural resources.


Alltech has forged strong industry connections by leveraging global resources and experience to offer tailored solutions for farmers and producers. The company and Thai Wah signed their agreement during Alltech's 25th-anniversary celebration in Thailand.


"This partnership is an exciting opportunity to bring together technologies and resources to create more value for Thailand's agri-food industry," said Dr. Mark Lyons. "Alltech and Thai Wah are aligned in our values and our vision to create a world of abundance for future generations."


Hataikan Kamolsirisakul said: "In collaboration with Alltech, we're excited to pioneer agricultural innovation and promote sustainable farming practices in Southeast Asia. Together, we're committed to building a resilient and sustainable agri-food ecosystem. Let's work towards a future where every harvest benefits both people and the planet."


Alltech's Planet of Plenty vision aligns with Thai Wah's vision of "Creating Innovation and Sustainability from Farm to Shelf", and highlights the companies' shared commitment to sustainability, innovation and operational excellence.

- Alltech

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