March 4, 2016


Marel announces changes in executive team




Marel has announced changes in its executive team, organisational structure, and corporate identity.


The changes will simplify and define the company's market approach and position for future growth and success.


Marel's management is re-examining its practices in business management and customer service. As a result, it will report sales and operational results in poultry, meat and fish industries.


Further Processing will operate as a business unit within Marel that works across all aforementioned industries. Marel Poultry, Marel Meat and Marel Fish will focus on standard solutions as well as full line offering throughout the process from primary, secondary, and further processing.


Marel has a commercially strong product portfolio stemming from its continuous focus on innovation and strategic acquisitions. It has also enjoyed success and growth in primary and secondary processing and will now seize to capture growth in the further processing of poultry, meat and fish.


The action is in line with Marel's strategy of being a full line provider. In addition, Marel's vision is to partner with customers in transforming the way food is produced in a sustainable way.


Unity, Innovation and Excellence are Marel's values. Poultry, Meat and Fish are united under the common Marel brand, with one corporate logo, tag line and a redefined vision and set of values.


The following changes have been made to Marel's Executive Team:


Meat: Remko Rosman, CEO of MPS meat processing system - which was acquired by Marel in January - will join the Executive Team as the new managing director of Marel Meat. Decisive steps will be taken in integration of the two companies to strengthen market approach and utilise full potentials of being a full line provider. A migration plan is in place to fully merge the branding of the two companies under the Marel brand and logo. This will be finalised in January 2017.


Further Processing: David Wilson, former managing director of Marel Meat will lead Marel's activities in further processing as managing director. Marel announced, with its full-year 2015 annual results, that operational results were unacceptable in Further Processing and streamlining, and step up in investments in innovation were needed to strengthen the position in that part of the value chain. David Wilson has lead transformation of Marel meat in recent years with good success and established Marel as key player in the secondary processing of meat that will now be integrated with MPS, the global leader in primary processing of meat. Gerrit den Bok who has been in charge of Marel's Further Processing industry is leaving Marel.


Commercial: Commercial function works across all industries and leads the Regional Management, Service and Product management in Marel. To simplify its structure, it has been decided to combine roles and responsibilities within Commercial´s management. Petur Gudjonsson will lead as the executive vice president of Commercial.


"Marel has enjoyed good growth and success in recent years. We live in a dynamic world, where Marel is serving the basic consumption needs of the fast growing population," Arni Oddur Thordarson, CEO of Marel, said. "We are now streamlining the organisation to serve better our customers' needs."

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