March 3, 2017


Ukraine's largest poultry integrator to use EMKA Incubators




Ukraine's Mironovsky Hliboprodukt, the largest poultry integrator in the country, has chosen to use Belgium's EMKA Incubators for its latest project.


The first stage will be delivered by mid-2017.


After visiting the EMKA headquarters in Kuurne, Belgium, Mr. Bezhynets Vasyl, Director of Production Department, decided to go with EMKA Incubators.


The main reason he cited is because of the unique cooling system "Teggnologic27" that is able to achieve superior uniform chick quality through a "Dry Hatch" and the "DECS" cooling and spraying system.


The Dry Hatch improves the drying time of the newly hatched chicks, resulting in faster closed navels and a healthier start to life while running the cooling water at a temperature of 27 degree Celsius. This temperature is above the dew point which means that there will be no condensation in the incubator. This provides a perfect humidity, temperature and ventilation control while reducing any possibility of mould, bacteria or fungal development.

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