March 3, 2014


Denmark's pig production forecast up in 2014


According to data from the latest census, Denmark's pig numbers have increased with a 2% rise in the breeding herd and a 10% rise in maiden gilts.


The Danish Agriculture & Food Council's (DAFC) report states that although production is expected to show a small increase in 2014, exports of weaners are forecast to stay at high levels.


DAFC's recent survey showed that, while most pig meat sold in the UK market comes from independently assured supply chains, significant differences still exist from country to country.


The results of the December pig census showed a 1% increase in overall pig numbers in Denmark.


The DAFC is predicting that the rise in the breeding herd and maiden gilts could be an indication that Danish pig farmers are now more confident about future market prospects.


Danish pig production in 2013 was virtually unchanged at just over 29 million pigs, and is forecast to grow to 29.4 million in 2014.


Exports of weaners rose to 9.6 million head in 2013 and the figure could rise to 10 million head this year.


While Germany is the main destination for Danish weaners but sales to Poland rose significantly last year, because of a significant drop in sow numbers in the country.


Because of the weaner exports, the availability of pigs for slaughter in Denmark is expected to fall to 18.9 million head in 2014.