March 2, 2021


New domestic feed launched in Ghana to boost local poultry production


Koudijs Ghana Limited, a subsidiary of Royal De Heus Group, has launched a new complete layer feed to boost poultry production in Ghana, the Ghana Crusader reported.


The domestically produced high-quality feed will improve Ghanaian farmers access to feed, especially as local agents are only able to produce 57,000 metric tonnes annually. This is below the nationwide demand of 400,000 metric tonnes per year.


Hugo Visscher, general manager of Koudijs Ghana Limited, said the new product will help farmers boost poultry production.


He said the company, established in 2005, now operates a local plant and will become a reference point for feed supply. The new factory will be able to produce 90,000 metric tonnes of livestock feed per year.


Koen de Heus, chief executive officer of the Royal de Heus Group, said Koudijs Ghana will source 15% of its raw materials locally over the next three years as part of the global company's sustainable goals.


- Ghana Crusader