March 2, 2015


TEXHA introduces new live streaming for poultry houses




TEXHA has introduced an experimental version of a live streaming platform which captures all processes of the maintenance of broilers -- from the first days of their lives to their unloading -- using the company's ROBOT technology.


Cameras were installed on building perimeters to enable visitors of to watch the live streaming at any time of the day.


The viewer can get a full picture of the poultry house including its separate systems. For example, one can observe broilers' behaviour and estimate the efficiency of LED intracellular lighting system. Such lighting makes it easier for chickens to find forage and water, which directly promotes their growth. The system is automated, allowing the regulation of light intensity and light day duration.


The ROBOT technology avoids excessive traumatism of the bird and reduces stress level by 1.5 to 2 times. It also has a positive influence on bird weight and carcass quality.


Interested viewers are welcome to visit TEXHA's production plant.

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