March 1, 2021

China to boost its corn acreage by more than 667,000 hectares this year


China's Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said it will boost its corn acreage by more than 667,000 hectares and treat more polluted land in 2021, as it aims to bolster food security in the country, Reuters reported.


The policy statement by the ministry, which was dated January 8, was released after China announced it will increase its focus on food security in an annual rural policy blueprint issued on February 28.


The ministry said the increased corn planting acreage will be focused in the country's northeast and areas around the Yellow, Huai and Hai rivers this year.


It said regions will be selected with good basic conditions and where major grain production counties are concentrated, as it aims to establish national food security industry belts with stable and high production.


The ministry also said it will treat 3.3 million hectares of polluted land and expand pilot acreage for land rotation and fallow land to 2.7 million hectares in the new year, based on a document published by the ministry about key farm and rural work in 2021.


- Reuters