New research presented by Lallemand's R&D swine project leader at the 51st Swine Research Days (Journées de la Recherche Porcine) in Paris, France, showed how a supplement containing vegetal superoxide dismutase (SOD) and selenium yeast as primary cellular antioxidants, benefits sows reproductive performance, Lallemand said.

In the trial presented, the sows supplemented during the weaning-to-estrus interval showed improved return to estrus and farrowing rates in the subsequent cycle. In addition, they gave birth to more piglets, with significantly more born alive piglets and less stillborn piglets (Figure 1).
      Figure 1: Sows average reproductive performance in the control (n=241) and cellular antioxidant (n=188) groups

Fernando Bravo De Laguna, Lallemand's R&D swine project, explained: "Hyperprolific sows are subject to important oxidative stress and previous study had already shown that sow supplementation with cellular antioxidants during the weaning-to-estrus interval could improve piglets' maturity and litter homogeneity at birth."

He added: "This complementary study also proves that piglets' quality at birth is improved and that sow's reproductive performance is enhanced. Supplementation with cellular antioxidants during the weaning-to-estrus interval clearly appears as a good practice in high productive sows."

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