March 1, 2016


708.25 million hogsslaughtered in China in 2015, down 3.7%


According to the 2015 National Economic and Social Development Statistical Communique released yesterday by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, the total meat output for last year was 86.25 million tonnes, down 1.0% from the previous year.


The breakdown is as followed: 54.87 million tonnes of pork, down 3.3% year-on-year; 7 million tonnes of beef, an increase of 1.6%; 4.41 million tonnes of mutton, an increase of 2.9%; and 18.26 million tonnes of poultry, an increase of 4.3%.In addition, eggs production has increased by 3.6% to 29.99 million tonnes. Milk production has also increased by 0.8%to 37.55 million tonnes.


Though pork is still accounted for the bulk of the overall meat output last year, the total number of swine herds at the end of 2015 was 451.13 million, down 3.2%. The number of pigs slaughtered has also dropped to 708.25 million, down 3.7%.

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