February 29, 2024

China VC: Producers lift prices further (week ended Feb 26, 2024)

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Vitamin C producers lifted prices further while limiting production. Sales of vitamin C were limited, nonetheless, as feed producers remained cautious after the festive hiatus.


In the local market, 99% raw powder vitamin C prices increased to the range of RMB24-27/kg. Prices of 93% coated products were higher at RMB24.40-28/kg. whereas those of 35% phosphorylated ones rose to the range of RMB14.90-17/kg.


Export prices of vitamin C (99% raw powder) strengthened to US$3.35/kg whereas those of 98% coated products climbed to US$3.40/kg. Prices of 35% phosphorylated vitamin C increased to US$2.08/kg.


Vitamin C  buyers will stay prudent with the outlook of the livestock market uncertain. However, vitamin C producers will stand firm in a bid to maximise profit margins.



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