February 29, 2020


uLikeKorea launches world's first micro-bio capsule for small ruminants



uLikeKorea has successfully developed the world's first micro-bio capsule to manage and detect calve-related diseases.


The bio micro-capsule is 400% smaller than the original version that has been developed earlier.


The company is already well-known for its Livecare product lines, which can provide early disease detection, estrus and calving management for various livestock animals. In particular, Livecare system can provide early detection for critical diseases such as FMD, mastitis, indigestion, pulmonary diseases and fever.


Livecare bio capsule is administered orally and stays in the ruminant stomach. The capsule continues to collect and send biometric data and the data is analysed to provide time-critical information related to disease, estrus, and calving management.


Kim Hee-jin, CEO of uLikeKorea, said, "The original calf capsule was 12 cm, but we were able to reduce it to a mere 3 cm micro size. This enables us to administer the capsule within one hour of the birth of a calf and allow effective disease management when the calf most need such disease management."


Kim further stated that the newly born calves are susceptible to rotavirus and coronavirus and other viral diarrhoea diseases. Accordingly, the fatality rate for calves is high but with the introduction of the micro-capsule, sensitive health issues such as digestive and pulmonary disorder can be detected and significantly reduce the fatality rate.


uLikeKorea has collected over 500 million biometric data points and conducted clinical testing on calves for over two years. Based on this, the company was able to successfully develop the bio micro-capsule. It plans to globally distribute the micro-capsule within the first half of 2020 and target key markets such as the Japanese premium market (Wagyu, organic, etc).


In particular, the calf micro-capsule will allow uLikeKorea to provide a different level of service by allowing farmers to effectively manage newborn calves (water consumption rate, etc.).


Kim said that this is an important development linking a health management system from birth to the adult stage cows as each growth stage and health are linked to each other.


According to the Korean Veterinary Association's press release, the main cause of calf fatality is related to digestive, pulmonary and parasite infections. Among the viral infections, rotavirus and coronavirus are main culprits. The calf fatality is highest within the first two weeks and infections related to rotavirus, coronavirus and digestive problems can cause a fatality rate of up to 50%.


Diseases such as the new Corona 19 virus, which originated in China, is difficult to identify in early stages and can become more difficult to treat as the disease progresses.


The micro-capsule developed by uLikeKorea uses IoT technology to measure key biometric data in real time and the collected data is analysed through proprietary AI/Deep Learning system to provide information on viral infection (i.e., Corona), bacterial infection, fever and activity level.


Kim stated that the new system will allow full management of a cow in its entire life cycle and expand into other animals such as deer, camel and other 50 ruminant animals. Kim further stated that she hopes that the new system will contribute to the overall well-being of livestock animals and effective disease management.


The current solution and the related technologies have been filed for patent protection and the safety of the capsule has already been proven.