February 28, 2024


AB Vista partners with academics to present latest fiber research in Wisconsin, US




New research on the benefits of fiber in swine diets will be unveiled by a collaboration of academic experts at the upcoming American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Midwest Annual Meeting to be held at the Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center, Madison, Wisconsin, the United States, on March 10-13.


The research will be shared at a symposium, "Fiber and Its Benefits in Swine Production", which is sponsored by AB Vista. It will take place on March 12, 1:15-5:00pm in Ballroom A.


The symposium will bring together respected experts to present on the advancement of fiber knowledge in pig production and its benefits in enhancing swine nutrition and overall gut health. Looking to the future of the industry, it will also provide the opportunity to brainstorm the next steps of fiber implementation for enhanced swine performance and productivity.


Keynote speakers include Dr. Amy Petry, assistant professor in the Division of Animal Science at University of Missouri; Dr. David Rosero, assistant professor in the Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University; Dr. Nick Gabler, professor in the Department of Animal Science, Iowa State University; and Laura Merriman, PhD, swine technical manager at AB Vista.


The symposium will conclude with an interactive Q&A session led by the speakers, to delve further into the topics discussed and foster collaborative learning.


AB Vista's technical team will also be presenting additional research on pig production throughout the ASAS event, including on:


    - Achieving heavier piglet weights at weaning with live yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) supplementation under field conditions (March 11, 10:00am, Grand Terrace);


    - Use of 4500FTU/kg of phytase on performance and blood parameters of finishing pigs (March 11, 3:15pm, Ballroom D);

    - Incidence of porcine ear necrosis in nursery pigs under commercial conditions is reduced with stimbiotic (March 12, 4:30pm, Ballroom D).

For more information, please visit the symposium agenda and research here:


- AB Vista

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