February 27, 2024


Thailand ranks third in chicken exports, eyes measures to boost competitiveness



Thailand has emerged as the world's third-largest exporter of chicken, surpassing its 2022 ranking, with over 100,000 tonnes of chicken valued at more than THB 100 billion (US$2.7 billion) exported last year, The Nation reported.


According to Chaweewan Kampa, president of the Poultry Promotion Association of Thailand, this improvement highlights the kingdom's growing presence in the global poultry market.


Attributing this success to government export promotion initiatives, Kampa also commended the swift decision to extend the import of soybean meal under a World Trade Organisation (WTO) deal for an additional year. This move helped alleviate the challenges posed by rising prices and shortages of animal feed, ensuring stability in the poultry industry.


Under the WTO agreement, soybean meal can be imported at a reduced tariff of 2%, down from the standard 119%, along with a similar reduction for corn used in animal feed. However, despite these measures, Kampa said that Thailand faces inherent disadvantages, primarily due to higher production costs compared to competitors like Brazil and the US.


Highlighting the importance of addressing these challenges, Kampa urged the government to consider expanding the terms of the WTO deal, particularly the import quota limit. This, she believes, would enable chicken farmers to reduce costs and enhance Thailand's competitiveness in the global poultry market.


Echoing similar sentiments, Sitthiphan Thanakiatpinyo, president of the Swine Raisers Association of Thailand, focused on the significance of addressing the cost of animal feed. He called for further reductions in taxes and limitations on animal feed imports, including lowering the tax on soybean meal, DDGS, and fishmeal, as well as revisiting the restrictions on wheat imports.


-      The Nation

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