February 25, 2004



Malaysian Egg Prices May Rise Sharply


Malaysian egg prices may rise sharply in two to three months as supply runs low as a result of fewer layers.

And even though bird flu has not reached Malaysian farms, there is now an over-supply of hens in the country.

Tan Lau Huah of Egg Import/Export Trading Association said: "They cannot sell the hens. There is no place for new chicks. But that means fewer chicks will grow into egg-laying hens. Egg supply will then be affected."

Eggs from Malaysia now cost between 12 and 18 cents.

But merchants fear price hikes of 10 to 60 percent to 20 cents an egg.

So egg merchants are looking to new suppliers from countries like Australia, Britain and Brazil.

With the price of eggs set to go up, some people may decide to skip eggs at their next meal.

But what egg merchants are keen to do is to broaden their sources of eggs and to start importing them from other neighbouring countries like Thailand and Vietnam.