February 24, 2017


New DHA-rich fish feed ingredient set to be launched



Aquaculture firms Heliae Development and Syndel Laboratories have signed an exclusive distribution agreement to supply the aquaculture market with "Nymega", a new docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) precision formulation ingredient for feed formulators.


DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid key to both fish and human health. The prime source of DHA in the human diet is DHA-rich fish such as salmon. The content of DHA in farmed salmon, however, has been declining due to the replacement of fishmeal and fish oil with plant-based materials low in DHA in formulated feeds.


The partnership between Heliae and Syndel will bring algae products to aquaculture feed formulation. For over 30 years, Syndel has developed and globally marketed aquaculture chemical and pharmaceutical products, allowing Heliae, a leader in algae production technology, to expand its ability to unlock the potential of algae within the aquaculture feed market.


The aquaculture industry is on the rise as the global demand for fish increases. The global aquaculture market is valued at over US$160 billion and, according to market research, is expected to grow steadily at an estimated CAGR (compounded annual growth rate) of between 3% and 5% through 2020. 


DHA-rich alga


Nymega, according to Len Smith, chief business officer at Heliae, is a DHA-rich alga that provides a precision tool for targeting DHA levels in feed.


"Nymega's simple profile allows formulators to target specific DHA content, providing key benefits across fish species and at multiple growth stages - at a price that is finally affordable", Smith said.


"Heliae is proud to partner with Syndel on this product launch. This agreement allows Heliae to focus on what we do best: producing algae at low cost. Syndel's experience and expertise in product development and marketing will allow this new ingredient to reach consumers quickly and efficiently", he added.


Nymega was showcased at the Aquaculture America 2917 held in San Antonio, Texas, on Feb. 19-22. It is expected to be available early this year, pending regulatory approval.

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