February 24, 2015


Peru has huge potential for aquaculture: FAO



Aquaculture has not been a major focus in Peru so far, but this could start to change if the country uses its long coastline and vast freshwater resources, says the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).


According to FAO's general director of fisheries and aquaculture, Árni Mathiesen, aquaculture represents a great opportunity for Peru and Latin America.


The expert stressed that aquaculture has considerable growth due to trout production in the Andean environments, as well as the recent exploration of native species in the Amazon.


"Peru should take advantage of its long coastline and vast freshwater resources, both in the Andes and the Amazon basin, with species like the araipama (paiche), pirapatinga (Amazonic pacu) and pacu (tambaqui) that would serve local and regional markets," Mathiesen said.


He also suggested intensifying the promotion and support of bivalve mariculture, but he indicated that planning should be done carefully to ensure sustainability and appropriate impact on food security, nutrition and social development.


Source: www.fis.com

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