February 23, 2024


Pakistan issues warning against antibiotic misuse in livestock farming


In a measure to combat the escalating risk of antibiotic resistance in animals, Pakistan's Deputy Director of Livestock, Dr Jamshed Akhtar, has issued a warning regarding the indiscriminate use of antibiotics in the country's livestock and poultry farming sectors, Associated Press of Pakistan reported.


Dr Akhtar emphasised the urgent need for heightened awareness among livestock farmers, veterinarians, and policymakers, highlighting the significant risks posed to animal health and production.


Asserting the Livestock Department's commitment to global disease control efforts, Dr Akhtar underscored the severe health implications arising from the rampant misuse of antibiotics in animals.


He cautioned that antibiotic resistance not only rendered these drugs ineffective but also facilitated the spread of antibiotic-resistant bacteria, posing threats to both animal and human health.


Dr Akhtar highlighted the concerning trend of livestock farmers practicing self-medication and administering antibiotics without consulting veterinarians, exacerbating the issue. Additionally, unlicensed animal healthcare providers further contribute to antibiotic misuse, fuelling the emergence of resistant strains.


To address this challenge, Dr Akhtar stressed the importance of prudent antibiotic usage, advising farmers to adhere strictly to recommended dosages based on animal weight. He said it is important prescribed antibiotic courses are completed and compliant with withdrawal periods to mitigate the risk of antibiotic residues in meat and dairy products, which could pose health hazards.


The Pakistan Livestock Department is actively engaged in promoting awareness campaigns and educational initiatives to foster responsible antibiotic practices among stakeholders.


-      Associated Press of Pakistan

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