February 23, 2021

Leroy develops new certification protocol for salmon


Norwegian seafood company Lerøy has developed a product certification protocol called "STP 86 Salmo Salar" which shows that Lerøy's salmon complies with a higher standard for quality and sustainability than today's seafood industry standard for Norwegian salmon.


The protocol was created in collaboration with DNV GL.


Salmon produced according to STP-86 has a higher content of omega-3 than those produced under the common Norwegian industry standard.


"Lerøy has, for a long time, made conscious, responsible and sustainable decisions in the choice of feed ingredients and in the production of salmon throughout the whole value chain," said Henning Beltestad, CEO of Lerøy Seafood Group.


"We wanted to have these choices verified by a third-party company. Several of the choices, and the sum of them, make Lerøy Salmon certified with STP 86 stand out from what is today the industry standard for farmed salmon.


"The entire value chain of Lerøy, from fish, including feed, to fish carrier boxes is audited by a third party, to ensure that all requirements in STP-86 are complied with. STP 86 is a product certification that contains a tracking component that will ensure that all the criteria are complied with.


Luca Crisciotti, CEO of DNV GL-Business Assurance, said: "There is an increasing demand for traceability from customers and consumers. Independent certification to robust standards helps companies build necessary trust into product characteristics and promises."


Under the protocol for fish feed, Leroy's standards are:


- Fish fed with alternative raw materials (microalgae, insect meal and camelina oil);


- Zero use of salmon oil;


- Zero use of ethoxyquin;


- Zero use of blood meal from land animals;


- Full traceability of feed ingredients;


Leroy's standards for farming are:


- Farms certified with ASC or GlobalGAP;


- Full traceability via Fishtrack;


- Zero use of antibiotics;


- Zero use of chitin inhibitors;


- Zero escapes


Leroy's standards for industry practices are:


- GFSI food safety certification;


- Omega-3 level above 2.9 g/100g;


- EPA/DHA levels above 1 g/100g;


- Omega-6/Omega-3 ratio below 1;


- PCB & PCB-like dioxin levels below 0.5ng/kg



If only one of these criteria are not met, the salmon cannot be sold with the STP 86 Salmo Salar certificate, Leroy said.


- Leroy