February 23, 2015


Ukraine egg output seen to rise to 20.5 billion in 2015



Ukraine's egg output is expected to increase 3-4% to 20.5 billion pieces this year from 2014, said Sergey Karpenko, the head of the Union of Poultry Breeders of Ukraine.


The upward forecast also augurs well for increased egg exports.


"Currently, the plans for export in 2015 are 2.5 billion pieces", Karpenko said. "...[T]he country is (also) actively developing in the area of egg processing".


Ukraine's poultry sector has been a beneficiary of investments worth more than US$2.6 billion distributed over a decade, according to Karpenko. As a result, the country's egg processing capacities have improved, along with the reconstruction of plants and establishment of new poultry facilities.


In addition, local poultry meat production reached 1.3 million tonnes last year, during which the country exported 185,000 tonnes of poultry meat, or 35,000 tonnes more than the previous year.

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