February 22, 2024


ASF detected in Maharashtra, India


African swine fever (ASF) has been detected in Nandurbar, Maharashtra, India, leading authorities to conduct swift surveillance measures in border villages to contain the spread of the highly contagious swine disease, Financial Express reported.


According to officials from the animal husbandry department in Nandurbar, an outbreak of African swine fever resulted in the deaths of 22 swine and the infection of 26 others in Mhasavad village.


To assess the situation, teams from the animal husbandry department visited villages in Uchhal, Nizar, and Kukarmunda talukas in Tapi district, which shares borders with Nandurbar.


Dr R S Gavit, Deputy Director of Animal Husbandry in Tapi, said there is a need for heightened surveillance efforts in the bordering villages, with surveillance teams actively monitoring the situation to gain a clearer understanding in the coming days.


Confirming the situation, Dr Umesh Patil, Deputy Commissioner of Animal Husbandry in Nandurbar, stated that since early February, Mhasavad village reported 22 swine deaths due to ASF with 26 swine from 11 families subsequently culled.


He further mentioned the deployment of surveillance teams in neighbouring villages within a 10 km radius to prevent the spread of the disease.


-      Financial Express

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