February 21, 2017

Smithfield Foods introduces Pure Farms antibiotic-free product line



Smithfield Foods, Inc. announced the launch of an antibiotic-free line of fresh pork products under its Pure Farms™ brand.

The Pure Farms™ product line meets the highest level of USDA standards with minimal processing and no antibiotics, steroids, hormones or artificial ingredients. The full line of products will be available in fresh pork cuts, ham cuts and packaged pork cuts such as breakfast sausage and bacon in both retail stores and food service beginning in February.

"The Pure Farms™ brand is ideal for families looking to enjoy the highest quality, antibiotic-free pork," said Ken Sullivan, president and chief executive officer of Smithfield Foods. "We're proud to provide our customers and consumers with a broader range of products to meet a variety of needs and preferences, including antibiotic-free."

As the only company in the industry to report antibiotics usage since 2007, Smithfield's new product line further affirms its continued leadership of practices that uphold highest standards of transparency and strengthen consumer trust, the company said. Smithfield also recently refined its definition of 'prevention' as related to antibiotics use in farm animals, providing a practical explanation to consumers and customers that offers greater clarity. These efforts are driven by an internal antibiotics task force, which supports Smithfield's commitment to industry-leading antibiotics initiatives.

"This new line from Pure Farms™ reflects Smithfield's continued commitment to meeting the needs of all consumers with good food that is made the right way," said Stewart Leeth, vice president of regulatory affairs and chief sustainability officer for Smithfield Foods. "This commitment led to the creation of this new line and other bold steps we continue to take to ensure our products exceed our customers' and consumers' expectations."

- Smithfield

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