February 21, 2017

Cermaq releases quarterly sustainability report


Fish health, sea lice, occupational safety and health (OHS), and compliance are topics covered by Cermaq's quarterly sustainability.

"Our customers show a growing attention and interest in the transparency about the products and our production. Providing fresh data in the form of quarterly reporting is proving customers the best basis for building partnerships" Geir Molvik, CEO of Cermaq, says.

The quarterly report bolsters the narrative of Cermaq's dedication to preventive fish health and the strengthening of OHS within the industry. "The absentee rate is down in all regions and we continue to see positive developments in our health and safety work," Cermaq comments on the report. "The 12-months survival rate for Atlantic salmon varies between the regions from 91-95 %. The use of sea lice treatment was down in all regions, and preventive measures to manage sea lice counts show positive results. In Norway, there was one escape incident with 400 escaped fish this quarter, which resulted in a total of 426 fish escaped (during) our operations in 2016…"

"Cermaq's approach is based on transparency, partnerships and performance. We believe a company which openly reports its results also has a better overview of risk and opportunities, a stronger basis for dialogue with stakeholders and a better ability to actually make progress on material topics," Wenche Grønbrekk, head of sustainability and risk in Cermaq, says.

In January, Cermaq was ranked number one among the top 100 seafood companies, according to a sustainability reporting and transparency benchmark by Seafood Intelligence.

"We are pleased to comment on Cermaq's performance as the firm has consistently displayed an outstanding level of transparency, since we started monitoring the salmon farming industry's performance seven years ago," Bertrand Charron, editor of Seafood Intelligence, remarks.

- Cermaq

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