February 20, 2024


ASF detected in Western Cape, South Africa



Agriculture authorities in Western Cape province, South Africa have issued a warning following the confirmation of a new outbreak of African swine fever (ASF) on the outskirts of Groeneweide Park in George, eNCA reported.


This marks the fourth occurrence of the disease in the Garden Route area since 2022, with previous outbreaks reported in KwaNonqaba and Mossel Bay in 2022 and 2023, along with ongoing concerns about an outbreak in Thembalethu from 2022.


The current outbreak has resulted in the deaths of approximately 45 swine, leaving around 250 remaining in the affected area. In response, authorities have implemented a quarantine in the region, urging residents not to remove any pigs or pork products.


ASF is a highly contagious virus that specifically affects swine, and there is currently no vaccination or treatment available. Importantly, it cannot be transmitted to humans either through contact with infected animals or consumption of pork products.


-      eNCA

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