February 20, 2019

Miratorg dairy farm in Kursk, Russia, increases milk production to 8,824 tonnes in 2018


Miratorg, a major vertically integrated company in Russia, announced in early February  that its dairy farm in Kursk region, Russia, had produced over 8,824 tonnes of milk in 2018 - 43% more than what it produced in 2017.

Agrofirma Blagodatenskaya is Miratorg's pilot project for raw milk production. In 2017, the farm was used as the company's starting point for growing young dairy cattle and production of rose veal – a dietary product which is unique to the Russian market.

The total herd number of the Blagodatenskaya farm was 1,700 heads at the end of 2018. Most of the animals were Holstein breed.

In 2018, milk production at the site was increased up to 8.3 tonnes due to sound veterinary work and selection. A year ago, it was only 6.8 tonnes, Miratorg said.

In addition, over 1,150 calves were born at the farm, most transferred to a special complex of Agrofirma Blagodatenskaya for further fattening and production of veal.

"Production increase has a positive effect on production costs and it also allows decreasing product price for consumers. Strict veterinary control at the farm not only prevents animal diseases and increases animal performance but also ensures safety of the products," Miratorg's press service commented.

- Miratorg

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