February 20, 2017
Trouw Nutrition expands feed additive portfolio with Selko IntelliBond

Following the acquisition of US-based company Micronutrients by Nutreco, its animal nutrition company Trouw Nutrition announces the global integration of the Selko IntelliBond product range.
The world's first hydroxy trace minerals for animal nutrition are now incorporated into Trouw Nutrition's feed additive portfolio, marketed under the brand Selko IntelliBond.
Trouw Nutrition, now sells and distributes hydroxy trace minerals globally under the brand name Selko IntelliBond. With proven sales success in the US, the company is excited to make these products available worldwide.
Jeff Cohen, vice president of sales and marketing at Micronutrients, commented about the global opportunities: "Launching Selko IntelliBond worldwide is an opportunity we have been looking forward to for a while. When you consider the current success of these trace minerals, their potential in a larger market looks very promising."
Selko IntelliBond are hydroxy trace minerals, the most technologically advanced form of trace minerals designed for animal feeds. Selko IntelliBond products have high bioavailability, leading to increased animal performance and lower environmental impact.
Hydroxy trace minerals have, due to their unique crystal structure, major advantages compared to inorganic trace minerals. These minerals have superior handling and stable properties, and are less reactive on sensitive feed components. This improves the quality of premixes. The popularity of the product has grown steadily in the US in the past few years, so much so that Nutreco acquired the brand in 2016. Trouw Nutrition seeks to unlock the true potential of Selko IntelliBond by making it available for purchase on a global scale.
"The IntelliBond brand is well known in North America. We are excited to take the next step within the extensive network of Trouw Nutrition," Kevin Perryman, director of international IntelliBond business, said. "We are looking forward (to introduce to) the livestock industry around the world, this new form of minerals."
In its feed additive portfolio, Trouw Nutrition now offers two types of trace minerals, each providing value along the feed to food chain with unique properties. For sows, breeders and pets, the Selko Optimin range offers customers an effective source of organic trace minerals. Selko IntelliBond copper and zinc minerals are available for production animals such as piglets, fattener pigs and broilers.

- Trouw Nutrition

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