February 20, 2017
ADDCON expands, upgrades site in Germany

ADDCON initiates redevelopment measures at its site in Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany.
"ADDCON's growing product portfolio and the associated higher sales and production capacities make it essential for us to initiate a series of redevelopment and expansion measures at our sites Bitterfeld and Porsgrunn this year", Bernd Kochannek, owner and founder of the ADDCON Group, said.
ADDCON will therefore expand the office building at the site in Parsevalstraße, Bitterfeld during the second quarter, thus ensuring that the administration can meet the needs of the increased demand and the associated requirements. As part of these measures, ADDCON will continue to upgrade the site in the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park and relocate all operational functions into the new administration building at Parsevalstraße 6. ""Everything under one roof" is the motto of this concentration at the site", Kochannek stated. "We expect other positive effects in the communication and cooperation within and between the individual teams as a result of the expansion in Bitterfeld. If we have all corporate functions in a central location, we will certainly be able to respond faster and more efficiently to the needs of our customers."
The "Solar" project will start in an additional step this year. A solar system on the company premises will then cover around 50% of the electricity requirements on the site in Parsevalstraße and therefore make the production more sustainable.
ADDCON will also undertake redevelopment and expansion measures for its feed and food business divisions at the second site in Säurestraße, Bitterfeld. Furthermore, the project for an additional diformate plant at the site in Porsgrunn, Norway, should also commence this year to meet a steadily increasing demand.
"As a result of the measures at the sites in Bitterfeld and Porsgrunn, we will give up our offices in Bonn, replicate these jobs in Bitterfeld again and create even more jobs", Julia Kochannek, marketing manager at the ADDCON Group, commented. "The move to the new building in Bitterfeld in June is of course also a challenge for the team in Bonn that we are looking forward to tackle", Kochannek added.
Founded in 1995, ADDCON (Additives for Conservation) produces "Green Chemistry" for its feed, food, de-icing and oil business divisions at two sites in the Bitterfeld-Wolfen Chemical Park and the Herøya Industrial Park near Porsgrunn, Norway. The constant innovation and higher global sales in all business divisions reflect the dynamic development in the group.


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