February 19, 2016


Igusol Advance's additive shows performance-enhancing benefits in broilers



Igusol Advance, a Spanish natural additives company, has recently published its new research on IGUSAFE - a natural additive to aid liver functions.


The study involved the product’s application on broilers fed up to 42 days.


Conducted by the Faculty of Agriculture at Dicle University in Turkey, the study evaluated IGUSAFE at two inclusion levels on growth performance, intestinal microflora population and serum biochemistry in broilers.


Results revealed that the addition of 80mg IGUSAFE to the diet resulted in significantly higher body weight gains, and lower Aspartate Aminotransferase and Serum Total Protein levels compared with another control group.


In addition, supplementing both levels of IGUSAFE significantly reduced Escherichia coli count.


The positive effects of IGUSAFE indicate its importance as an enhancer of growth performance and broilers mortality reduction as well as rendering cost-effective benefits for feed producers and farmers.

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