February 17, 2015


Hamlet Protein, Danish Farm Concept to host pig and broiler seminars at VIV Asia





Danish Hamlet Protein, together with Danish Farm Concept, will host pig and broiler seminars at VIV Asia 2015 on March 12.


From 3-4pm, Jørgen Lindberg, CEO of Scandinavian Farms, will share with participants about the company's piglet business and success in China. The company made the first Danish agricultural project investment in China.

And from 4.30-5.30pm, Dr. Paul Iji, professor of animal science at the University of New England, Armidale, Australia, will be speaking on the importance of early nutrition for poultry.


Dr. Iji's main area of research is poultry nutrition, with specialisation in gastrointestinal physiology. He has published over 200 peer-reviewed papers in journals as well as conference proceedings.


Danish Farm Concept© is a company and brand name representing the entire Danish model for pig production. The Danish Farm Concept is marketed throughout the world. The companies Hamlet Protein, Skov, Dalum Agricultural Business Academy, Danyu/Danbred International, Danish Farm Design and Vissing Agro market their products under the brand as wholesale solutions for the pig industry.


Registered visitors at VIV Asia can sign up for both seminars. Both are free, and sign-up is non-binding.
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